Rider Profile

Randy Dull: Commuter
Team: Edison Welding Institute
Years Cycling: 48 Age: 64
Days/Month: 20 Miles YTD: 219 Days YTD: 18
Occupation: Welding Engineer
Favorite Food: Anything at Tasi
Favorite Ride: TOSRV
Why I Ride: Enjoyment
My Commute: Quiet residential streets in UA, followed by a bit of cyclocross. Not long enough.

Ride Log

Week of January 21, 2019 1 Ride  •  5 Miles
Mon 1/21 5 miles   Not as cold as predicted, but still a great day for studded tires, mittens, balaclava, googles & helmet cover. 
Week of January 14, 2019 6 Rides  •  24 Miles
Sat 1/19 2 miles   Nighttime windy, snowy shakedown cruise on my overhauled/upgraded ice bike--A-OK 
Fri 1/18 7 miles   Streets were nearly dry this morning with the temperature above freezing--enjoy it while it lasts... 
Thu 1/17 5 miles   Streets were generally dry this morning, but... 
Wed 1/16 5 miles   Rode studded tires but they generally weren't needed this morning 
Tue 1/15     Broke out the mittens this morning and my hands were fine 
Mon 1/14 5 miles    
Week of January 7, 2019 5 Rides  •  31 Miles
Fri 1/11 5 miles   Getting used to the cold 

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