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Edison Welding Institute is a partner of 2 BY 2012

EWI Wheelers was organized to participate in Bike to Work Week. A total of five riders participated the first year. With double the participation, we could have won our division that year. We more than doubled participation to 17 riders the next year and won.

Perhaps more impressive than our performance in the Bike to Work Challenge was what happened afterwards. The average number of bicycle commuters jumped to about eight per day. Once people tried this, many discovered that they actually enjoyed it and continued to ride to work several days per month.

EWI received a Bicycle Friendly Business Silver Award from the League of American Bicyclists in 2012.
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To Greater Columbus Convention Center to register for a conference before riding on to work  8 mile commute
Tuesday • 2 days ago
Chilly morning but still above won't be long 'til otherwise.  5 mile commute
Monday • 3 days ago
Very light rain this morning  5 mile commute
Sunday • 4 days ago
Fall-N-Leaf Bicycle Tour  52 mile workout
Friday • 6 days ago
  5 mile commute
Thursday, Oct 11 • 7 days ago
  3 mile commute
Tuesday, Oct 9 • 9 days ago
Lunch run. Top end of pleasant, moving into hot..... Also, winds starting to pick up out there!  5 mile errand
70F this morning, the definition of pleasant doesn't get much richer than that!  5 mile commute
  2 mile commute
Monday, Oct 8 • 10 days ago
Toasty! Indian summer in full swing. Good to keep the cold weather gear stowed...  5 mile errand
Indian summer carries on! Gotta love it, I guess.....  5 mile commute
  5 mile commute
Sunday, Oct 7 • 11 days ago
  57 mile workout
Saturday, Oct 6 • 12 days ago
  59 mile workout
Rained hard on the island this morning. Took off as soon as the sun came out. Wet roads soaked me anyway.  17 mile workout
Friday, Oct 5 • 13 days ago
  5 mile commute
Ahhhh, those fall commutes... The air is crisp, and to arrive at work just as the dawn is breaking....  5 mile commute
Thursday, Oct 4 • 14 days ago
Well, the temps are up but so is the humidity (way up!). The rains are supposed to pass, temperatures drop, and the wind shift later today.  5 mile errand
Actually saw someone commuting on a Dutch Bicycle. Didn't now anyone owned one this side of the Atlantic!  5 mile commute
  5 mile commute
Wednesday, Oct 3 • 15 days ago
Home for lunch with Mr. Schatzi. Storms blowing in for the afternoon.....  5 mile errand
Rode in a little early this morning. Nice to see that Indian Summer is here!  5 mile commute
  8 mile errand
  5 mile commute
Tuesday, Oct 2 • 16 days ago
Lunch Run. Chicken Nachos at the Red Door. Yum.  5 mile errand
Nice commuting in just as dawn breaks. Streets wet, so there must of been rain earlier, but not for me!  5 mile commute
  5 mile commute
Monday, Oct 1 • 17 days ago
  5 mile commute
Sunday, Sep 30 • 18 days ago
Just wanted to get my loops in before the Browns game starts (almost).  17 mile workout
Saturday, Sep 29 • 19 days ago
  85 mile workout