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Edison Welding Institute is a partner of 2 BY 2012

EWI Wheelers was organized to participate in Bike to Work Week. A total of five riders participated the first year. With double the participation, we could have won our division that year. We more than doubled participation to 17 riders the next year and won.

Perhaps more impressive than our performance in the Bike to Work Challenge was what happened afterwards. The average number of bicycle commuters jumped to about eight per day. Once people tried this, many discovered that they actually enjoyed it and continued to ride to work several days per month.

EWI received a Bicycle Friendly Business Silver Award from the League of American Bicyclists in 2012.
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Pleasant morning for a ride. Saw three or four other bike commuters on the way in, our numbers are increasing!  5 mile commute
  57 mile workout
Nice, calm, sunny, cool, Sunday morning. Nice day to finish my 100 miles for the week!  38 mile workout
Saturday • 2 days ago
  39 mile workout
It's a good day when a short ride goes Grandview, Plain City, Worthington Hills, home.  42 mile workout
Friday • 3 days ago
  5 mile commute
Obviously, I picked the wrong time to make my commute this morning. Lots more traffic in the UA side streets than I am used to!  5 mile commute
Thursday • 4 days ago
Managed to avoid the rain, but the clouds seem to have descended, with fine water particles suspended in the air. I found a lot of them...  5 mile commute
  5 mile commute
Wednesday • 5 days ago
Very thick out there for lunch. TMC says lots of rain tomorrow, so I suppose this is the precursor.....  5 mile errand
Late run in this morning. School parking lots are full, the first leaves of fall seem to be tumbling into place....  5 mile commute
  5 mile commute
Tuesday • 6 days ago
COP Hilliard evening ride  32 mile workout
  4 mile errand
  5 mile commute
Monday, Aug 13 • 7 days ago
Calm, cool morning. Like the day before the storm (first day of school) hits on Wednesday....  5 mile commute
  5 mile commute
Sunday, Aug 12 • 8 days ago
Lovely day, cool and surprisingly dry! Grandview, Bexley, New Albany, Sunbury, Galena, Worthington, home.  57 mile workout
A few drops of rain  7 mile errand
  80 mile workout
Friday, Aug 10 • 10 days ago
The clouds opened up on the way back  10 mile errand
  5 mile commute
Nice morning... Exercised both my legs and lungs, the latter when that Lincoln MKC ran a stop sign in front of me....  5 mile commute
Wednesday, Aug 8 • 12 days ago
Lunch run. Getting geared up to for the drive to Detroit this afternoon....  5 mile errand
Light rain and pretty steamy. Still, I saw a number of bike commuters on the way in. Gotta like these waterproof Rockports....  5 mile commute
Tuesday, Aug 7 • 13 days ago
Warm and sticky.... Lunch run, path through UA. Watching all the scurrying as the neighborhoods get ready for school next week...  5 mile errand
Nice ride in. A little early, so it kept the sun out of my eyes.  5 mile commute
Monday, Aug 6 • 14 days ago
Monday morning, but a side trip to have breakfast with my buddy Randy at the Grand Day Restaurant (plug, plug).  6 mile commute
Sunday, Aug 5 • 15 days ago
  84 mile workout
Making up for yesterday's misfire. Knowing that Pelotoinia is running to the north today, I headed south. Hot, but who cares?  53 mile workout