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Edison Welding Institute is a partner of 2 BY 2012

EWI Wheelers was organized to participate in Bike to Work Week. A total of five riders participated the first year. With double the participation, we could have won our division that year. We more than doubled participation to 17 riders the next year and won.

Perhaps more impressive than our performance in the Bike to Work Challenge was what happened afterwards. The average number of bicycle commuters jumped to about eight per day. Once people tried this, many discovered that they actually enjoyed it and continued to ride to work several days per month.

EWI received a Bicycle Friendly Business Silver Award from the League of American Bicyclists in 2012.
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Friday • 2 days ago
Streets were wet with a pre-dawn sprinkle, but it didn't affect me!  5 mile commute
Temperature dropped this morning  5 mile commute
Thursday • 3 days ago
Felt almost balmy with temperatures in the 40s for a lunchtime errand  9 mile errand
No rain, snow, or high wind, with temps in the 40's. Nice.  5 mile commute
Generally dry with just a few icy patches this morning  5 mile commute
Wednesday • 4 days ago
Home for lunch with Schatzi.... Headlong into the 20+ MPH winds before turning south. Nice high resistance sprint...  5 mile errand
Outside the rain (not really), the ice and snow, I can hear the wild winds blow!  5 mile commute
Snow flurries this morning with some accumulation  5 mile commute
Tuesday • 5 days ago
Lunch run. The rain is still spitting, but that temperature is just to alluring!  5 mile errand
Nice that the temps are in the 50's! Didn't bother me that the rain was still spitting!  5 mile commute
Wet, wetter, wettest?  5 mile commute
Monday • 6 days ago
Light rain. Home for lunch, and opted for other transportation as things degraded.  5 mile commute
Warmer for a lunchtime errand  4 mile errand
Slushy on less-traveled side streets this morning  5 mile commute
Saturday, Feb 9 • 8 days ago
Run up to Huffmans for gourmet groceries. Stir crazy!  5 mile errand
Friday, Feb 8 • 9 days ago
Cold (20F), snowy, and windy (~20-MPH). Add to that the refreeze on the roads from yesterdays rains...  5 mile commute
Thursday, Feb 7 • 10 days ago
Temps in the high 50s, but the air is thick. Presaging the rains coming this afternoon.  5 mile commute
Wednesday, Feb 6 • 11 days ago
Guided tour of Tucson neighborhoods  10 mile social
Thursday, Jan 31 • 17 days ago
Member of the SUB-ZERO club! -3F, so dust mask and large safety glasses. Only the high cheek bones froze up a little....  5 mile commute
Below zero, but a comfortable ride. Didn't need studded tires this morning, but rode them anyway for the ice peninsulas next to curbs.  5 mile commute
Wednesday, Jan 30 • 18 days ago
Quite windy  5 mile commute
Monday, Jan 28 • 20 days ago
Lunch run. Things are approaching 40F, had to swap out my cold gear for the cool gear.  5 mile errand
20F with a good wind blowing. Knowing it is going to warm up this afternoon makes all this a little chillier...  5 mile commute
Pleasant--at least compared to what's forecast for this Wednesday and Thursday.  5 mile commute
Friday, Jan 25 • 23 days ago
10F this morning with a 15 MPH wind blowing. Safety glasses to keep the wind out of my eyes....  5 mile commute
Thursday, Jan 24 • 24 days ago
Woo Hoo! Slippin' and a Slidin'! Largely slush and snow covered streets, but walked the bike over the ice behind the strip malls.  5 mile commute
Wednesday, Jan 23 • 25 days ago
Wife was not feeling well, so ran home to make her something for lunch. The rain stings a little when it is being blown into your face.  5 mile errand
  5 mile commute
Well, back on the road again (I don't do ice). At 40F, a little rain is not enough to keep me down!  5 mile commute
Monday, Jan 21 • 27 days ago
Not as cold as predicted, but still a great day for studded tires, mittens, balaclava, googles & helmet cover.  5 mile commute