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Randy Dull (18)

Edison Welding Institute is a partner of 2 BY 2012

EWI Wheelers was organized to participate in Bike to Work Week. A total of five riders participated the first year. With double the participation, we could have won our division that year. We more than doubled participation to 17 riders the next year and won.

Perhaps more impressive than our performance in the Bike to Work Challenge was what happened afterwards. The average number of bicycle commuters jumped to about eight per day. Once people tried this, many discovered that they actually enjoyed it and continued to ride to work several days per month.

EWI received a Bicycle Friendly Business Silver Award from the League of American Bicyclists in 2012.
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Friday • 2 days ago
  5 mile commute
Thursday • 3 days ago
Lunch run. Temps in the 90's with high humidity. But, as long as you are rolling, the breeze will keep you cool, right?  5 mile errand
I guess this is what you would call an "Indian Summer"; the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn, but morning temps in the 70's.  5 mile commute
  5 mile commute
Wednesday • 4 days ago
  3 mile commute
Wow. Certainly heated up this afternoon! I've been trying to tell people that summer lasts till September 21!  5 mile errand
Early follow-ups to yesterday's business travel (e.g. return the rental car...). Then an extended loop to work to assure my miles.  5 mile commute
Monday • 6 days ago
Clear morning, so the sun was blinding coming from the east. Not worried about myself, just cars with blinded drivers traveling east...  5 mile commute
  2 mile commute
Sunday, Sep 8 • 7 days ago
WBC Dry Run - Sunny, cloudy, with a bit of rain...  82 mile workout
Saturday, Sep 7 • 8 days ago
My 33 mile time trial around the island. It's Treasure Island day, so more like an obstacle course.  33 mile workout
COP Covered Bridge Ride  42 mile workout
Friday, Sep 6 • 9 days ago
  5 mile commute
Thursday, Sep 5 • 10 days ago
Lunchtime errand  9 mile errand
Sunny, but temps in the high 50's. Could it be, is it possible, that Fall is on the way?  5 mile commute
A morning for long sleeves...  5 mile commute
Wednesday, Sep 4 • 11 days ago
Riding in, saw Randy ahead. Went to catch him, but he was headed into Barrington traffic. Went around, and arrived first.  5 mile commute
  5 mile commute
Tuesday, Sep 3 • 12 days ago
Cars can be the most annoying when they start slowing down the minute they see you.... Tough to time traffic that way....  5 mile commute
Back to work at the office rather than on the road  5 mile commute
Monday, Sep 2 • 13 days ago
WBC New Albany-Granville with a detour to take in a steeper climb  53 mile workout
Sunday, Sep 1 • 14 days ago
Inner city loop (after the thunder storm!) Nice stretching ride after yesterday's Bike the C-Bus...  23 mile workout
Saturday, Aug 31 • 15 days ago
Bike the C-bus. Rode to the event, did the event, and rode home. In the middle group, fractured like a peloton on an unrated climb!  71 mile workout
Union County Covered Bridges Tour  70 mile workout
Friday, Aug 30 • 16 days ago
Home for lunch, fish special at the Red Door. Waitress was an old friend ;-) of my nephew's.  5 mile errand
Grandview - Centennial football game last night (GHHS won!), but it looks like the schools are closed/delayed letting the kids sleep in....  5 mile commute
Thursday, Aug 29 • 17 days ago
Run down to the Avenue Restaurant to have dinner with a client. Nice with the front opened up!  1 mile commute
Early lunch run. Had to get the wife fed and ready for physical therapy....  5 mile errand
Just one of those mornings. When you get stopped by the UA high school band collectively crossing the street, you know....  5 mile commute
Wednesday, Aug 28 • 18 days ago
Lunch run. Getting my wife prepped for two hours in the dentist chair....  5 mile errand