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Edison Welding Institute is a partner of 2 BY 2012

EWI Wheelers was organized to participate in Bike to Work Week. A total of five riders participated the first year. With double the participation, we could have won our division that year. We more than doubled participation to 17 riders the next year and won.

Perhaps more impressive than our performance in the Bike to Work Challenge was what happened afterwards. The average number of bicycle commuters jumped to about eight per day. Once people tried this, many discovered that they actually enjoyed it and continued to ride to work several days per month.

EWI received a Bicycle Friendly Business Silver Award from the League of American Bicyclists in 2012.
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  5 mile commute
Tuesday • 2 days ago
  5 mile commute
Monday • 3 days ago
Damp streets but generally not icy even at 30F this morning  5 mile commute
Saturday • 5 days ago
Out and back from Milford Center  41 mile workout
Friday • 6 days ago
  6 mile errand
  5 mile commute
Tuesday, Mar 12 • 9 days ago
Chilly, but sunny  5 mile commute
Monday, Mar 11 • 10 days ago
  5 mile commute
Saturday, Mar 9 • 12 days ago
  2 mile errand
Friday, Mar 8 • 13 days ago
A few flurries this morning, but forecast to get to near 40F this afternoon.  5 mile commute
Snow flurries. Still, temps near 30F and low winds, so made for a pleasant commute this morning.  5 mile commute
Thursday, Mar 7 • 14 days ago
Lunch run. Warmed up a bit, so exchanged my balaclava for the skull cap. A little to optimistic....  5 mile errand
Pleasant with the right clothing and accessories  5 mile commute
At 20F, feels absolutely balmy, even with the snow on the ground!  5 mile commute
Wednesday, Mar 6 • 15 days ago
Up to 12F this morning, Woo Hoo! At least the winds are down, and I didn't need to wear the dust mask.  5 mile commute
Tuesday, Mar 5 • 16 days ago
9F on my way to work this morning. Just to be cautious, wore the dust mask. Probably not needed.  5 mile commute
Monday, Mar 4 • 17 days ago
13F (or something) when I left the house this morning. Refreeze the biggest problem, but no issues till the back parking lot.  5 mile commute
Sunday, Mar 3 • 18 days ago
Hardware store  3 mile errand
Saturday, Mar 2 • 19 days ago
Needed to pick up pet treats and coffee (different places), and stretched out the ride a little.  5 mile errand
Hilliard-Mechanicsburg loop  53 mile workout
Friday, Mar 1 • 20 days ago
A few icy patches justified riding the ice bike  5 mile commute
Thursday, Feb 28 • 21 days ago
Lunch with CP  8 mile errand
Sunny!  5 mile commute
Wednesday, Feb 27 • 22 days ago
Mid-40s this afternoon  5 mile commute
Still a little chilly (27F) but it is supposed to warm up before my ride home this afternoon (45F).  5 mile commute
Tuesday, Feb 26 • 23 days ago
Well, at least the sun is out. Still chilly, but I will certainly take this over the weather last weekend.  5 mile errand
Seasonal. At least the winds have died down, so 27F temperatures are not quite so biting!  5 mile commute
Monday, Feb 25 • 24 days ago
The temperatures were not bad (~20F) but with that wind.... Ouch!  5 mile commute
Not as windy as yesterday, but still blowing  5 mile commute
Saturday, Feb 23 • 26 days ago
Milford Center - West Liberty loop  57 mile workout