Rider Profile

Jerry Gould: Commuter
Team: Edison Welding Institute
Years Cycling: 44 Age: 63
Height: 5' 7" Weight: 150
Days/Month: 18 Miles YTD: 1773 Days YTD: 131
Born: Rapid City, SD
Resides: Grandview Heights, OH
Occupation: Research Engineer
Favorite Ride: All time: The Glendora Mountain Road Run in Southern California. Today: Loops through southwest Columbus (OH).
Favorite Quote: I'll only be gone an hour!
Why I Ride: It helps me control my ADHD character
My Commute: 2.5 miles each way, barely build up a sweat

Ride Log

Week of July 16, 2018 7 Rides  •  36 Miles  •  2.4 hours
Thu 7/19 4 miles 16 min Lunch run. Met with the wife at the Red Door. Chicken with Bacon and barbecue sauce.... Yum! 
Thu 7/19 5 miles 20 min Another beautiful Ohio drought morning... Passed Randy (who was on foot). Business travel left his wheels stuck at work.... 
Wed 7/18 5 miles 20 min Home for lunch with Schatzi, then off to the Press Grill where the wife was having lunch with Beth. 
Wed 7/18 5 miles 20 min Cool and dry morning. Makes you think that fall is in the air... In the middle of July! 
Tue 7/17 5 miles 20 min Beautiful day. Run home to have lunch with the wife at the Red Door. French dip today! 
Tue 7/17 5 miles 20 min North wind. Makes things a little cooler, but fights me on my way to work. 
Mon 7/16 7 miles 30 min First commute after my week in Paris. Back to central Ohio, warm and humid with storms on the horizon! Add trip to Huffmans.... 
Week of July 9, 2018 2 Rides  •  69 Miles  •  4.2 hours
Sun 7/15 51 miles 3.1 hr Cloudy, so even in the heat a long Sunday ride is pleasant. GH to Commerce Point to Orient then home. 

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