Rider Profile

Jerry Gould: Commuter
Team: Edison Welding Institute
Years Cycling: 44 Age: 63
Height: 5' 7" Weight: 150
Days/Month: 17 Miles YTD: 2716 Days YTD: 193
Born: Rapid City, SD
Resides: Grandview Heights, OH
Occupation: Research Engineer
Favorite Ride: All time: The Glendora Mountain Road Run in Southern California. Today: Loops through southwest Columbus (OH).
Favorite Quote: I'll only be gone an hour!
Why I Ride: It helps me control my ADHD character
My Commute: 2.5 miles each way, barely build up a sweat

Ride Log

Week of October 8, 2018 4 Rides  •  20 Miles  •  1.3 hours
Tue 10/9 5 miles 20 min Lunch run. Top end of pleasant, moving into hot..... Also, winds starting to pick up out there! 
Tue 10/9 5 miles 20 min 70F this morning, the definition of pleasant doesn't get much richer than that! 
Mon 10/8 5 miles 20 min Toasty! Indian summer in full swing. Good to keep the cold weather gear stowed... 
Mon 10/8 5 miles 20 min Indian summer carries on! Gotta love it, I guess..... 
Week of October 1, 2018 8 Rides  •  52 Miles  •  3.3 hours
Sat 10/6 17 miles 58 min Rained hard on the island this morning. Took off as soon as the sun came out. Wet roads soaked me anyway. 
Fri 10/5 5 miles 20 min Ahhhh, those fall commutes... The air is crisp, and to arrive at work just as the dawn is breaking.... 
Thu 10/4 5 miles 20 min Well, the temps are up but so is the humidity (way up!). The rains are supposed to pass, temperatures drop, and the wind shift later today. 
Thu 10/4 5 miles 20 min Actually saw someone commuting on a Dutch Bicycle. Didn't now anyone owned one this side of the Atlantic! 

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