Rider Profile

Jerry Gould: Commuter
Team: Edison Welding Institute
Years Cycling: 45 Age: 64
Height: 5' 7" Weight: 155
Days/Month: 19 Miles YTD: 1657 Days YTD: 138
Born: Rapid City, SD
Resides: Grandview Heights, OH
Occupation: Research Engineer
Favorite Ride: All time: The Glendora Mountain Road Run in Southern California. Today: Loops through southwest Columbus (OH).
Favorite Quote: I'll only be gone an hour!
Why I Ride: It helps me control my ADHD character
My Commute: 2.5 miles each way, barely build up a sweat

Ride Log

Week of July 15, 2019 5 Rides  •  25 Miles  •  1.7 hours
Wed 7/17 5 miles 20 min Backside of Barry. T-storms predicted for 8:00A this morning, and I ALMOST beat it getting in at 10-min till! 
Tue 7/16 5 miles 20 min Lunch run. At 90+ and humid, you can feel Barry on its way to Columbus! 
Tue 7/16 5 miles 20 min Another thick day. Still, the clouds and lack of a significant wind make for a not uncomfortable commute. 
Mon 7/15 5 miles 20 min 90F but only 46% humidity. Maybe the latter is why the commute home was not sucking the life out of me.... 
Mon 7/15 5 miles 20 min Warm, thick, morning. Sure it will be even toastier for my commute home for lunch! 
Week of July 8, 2019 9 Rides  •  62 Miles  •  3.9 hours
Sat 7/13 22 miles 76 min Winds blowing at a good clip. But had the hammer down, and did my double figure eight on Kelleys Island at 17.2 avg MPH. 
Fri 7/12 5 miles 20 min Cloudy and humid, but at least not too warm. Dark enough to have the lights on... 
Thu 7/11 5 miles 20 min Lunch run. And the heat is back on! But I can tell by how the clouds are thickening that rain is on the way! 

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