Rider Profile

Jerry Gould: Commuter
Team: Edison Welding Institute
Years Cycling: 43 Age: 63
Height: 5' 7" Weight: 155
Days/Month: 15 Miles YTD: 2706 Days YTD: 208
Born: Rapid City, SD
Resides: Grandview Heights, OH
Occupation: Research Engineer
Favorite Ride: All time: The Glendora Mountain Road Run in Southern California. Today: Loops through southwest Columbus (OH).
Favorite Quote: I'll only be gone an hour!
Why I Ride: It helps me control my ADHD character
My Commute: 2.5 miles each way, barely build up a sweat

Ride Log

Week of November 20, 2017 1 Ride  •  5 Miles  •  0.3 hours
Mon 11/20 5 miles 20 min Chilly! But the bigger problem was ice patches on the road. Really a challenge when breaking by backpedaling! 
Week of November 13, 2017 10 Rides  •  68 Miles  •  4.8 hours
Sat 11/18 21 miles 1.6 hr Buckeye gameday and +60F, so despite the threat of rain and the high winds (>20-MPH) did an afternoon workout. 
Fri 11/17 5 miles 20 min Lunch run. I must be acclimating. The temps are in the mid 40's, an it feels just pleasant outside.... 
Fri 11/17 5 miles 20 min More of the same, cloudy, 30's..... At least the streets are relatively dry... 
Thu 11/16 5 miles 20 min Run home for lunch. Winds are picking up out of the north. Nice for the ride home, not so much for the ride back to work! 
Thu 11/16 5 miles 20 min Cool and damp with leaf covered streets. You would think that the fall is upon us! 
Wed 11/15 5 miles 20 min A pleasant fall morning, but still looking at frost on the cars.... 
Tue 11/14 7 miles 30 min Home for lunch with the wife, and on the evening ride home a stop for groceries at Huffmans. Cabbage rolls! A nice dinner treat! 

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